LEEDCal provides a powerful algorithm to determine and correct systematic distortions in LEED images. Easy to operate via its graphical user interface, LEEDCal will automatically generate a correction matrix upon analyzing a calibration sample exhibiting a well-known surface structure. This calculated matrix can be saved and applied later on, by using LEEDCal_corr, to rectify all future diffraction patterns recorded with the same LEED device. This works also in batch mode! The results allow accurate interpretation of lattice constants/epitaxial relations when used in combination with the LEEDLab.

LEEDCal 2013 Software Manual (v 4.1) PDF

LEEDCal 2013 (v 4.1)

LEEDCal_corr 2013 (v 5.1)

LEEDCal_corr 2013 (v 5.1) with web_installer

Download LEEDCal 2013 (freeware) to your computer and unzip the downloaded file to a folder of your choice. Afterwards, the *exe-files can be directly executed: a separate installation of LEEDCal 2013 and LEEDCal_corr 2013 is not required.

The zip-file of LEEDCal 2013 (v 4.1) includes LEEDCal_corr 2013 (v 5.0). If you want to use the newer version LEEDCal_corr 2013 (v 5.1) you have to download it separately. However, it requires an additional runtime (see below).

Required Software/ Installation Instructions

For LEEDCal 2013 the MATLAB Runtime (R2013a (8.1)) 64-bit (direct download link) is required. Download the MATLAB Runtime to a folder of your choice and execute it using administrator rights. Follow the installations instructions carefully.

For LEEDCal_corr 2013 (v 5.1) the MATLAB Runtime (R2018a (9.4)) 64-bit (direct download link) is required.

Note that MATLAB Runtimes are not downwards compatible. Do not attempt to use other than the required runtime library, and do not use the 32-bit version! After the installation of any MATLAB Runtime a restart of the computer is highly recommended.