LEEDLab is a software package to simulate (freeware) and to analyze quantitatively (fee-based, available from Fritz & Sojka GbR) LEED patterns. It has been developed to enable geometric simulations of complex surface structures, allowing objective determination of the lattice parameters and epitaxial relations. For carefully calibrated devices (using LEEDCal and LEEDCal_corr) an unsurpassed accuracy of typically 1% can be attained.

LEEDLab 2018 Software Manual (v 1.2) PDF

LEEDLab 2018 (v 1.4)

LEEDLab 2018 (v 1.4) with web_installer

Download LEEDLab 2018 to your computer using either one of the two options and unzip the downloaded file to a folder of your choice. Afterwards, the *exe-files can be directly executed: a separate installation of LEEDLab 2018 and LEEDLab__Base is not required.
While LEEDLab 2018 is freeware and can be used for simulations and manual analysis solely, LEEDLab__Base contains several fit algorithms for quantitative analysis and requires a fee. Please contact us via email to obtain a license: info@fritz-sojka-gbr.de

Required Software/ Installation Instructions

For LEEDLab 2018 the MATLAB Runtime (R2018a (9.4)) 64-bit (direct download link) is required. Download the MATLAB Runtime to a folder of your choice and execute it using administrator rights. Follow the installations instructions carefully.

Note that the MATLAB Runtime required for LEEDLab 2018 is a different one from that needed for LEEDCal 2013, and that MATLAB Runtimes are not downwards compatible. Do not attempt to use other than the required runtime library! This runtime is only available as 64-bit version and will not function on an old 32-bit system.

Differently, for LEEDLab__Base the MATLAB Runtime (R2013a (8.1)) 64-bit (direct download link) which is also needed for LEEDCal 2013 is required.

After the installation of any MATLAB Runtime a restart of the computer is highly recommended.